Njuice AB announces that SQUID App – the news app for millennials -­‐ has reached one million downloads. The app has now also added several new useful features on both iOS and Android, including sorting order of topics and blocking sources to personalise the app even further.

SQUID App wants to make relevant news easily available, offering a wide range of topics letting users select and create their own personalised and picture-­‐centric newsfeed. It gathers news from the best sources on the web and allows users to take part of the latest happenings in the world and share them instantly with friends in social networks. What also distinguishes SQUID from all other news apps is the set of creative and highlighting tools, making the reading experience engaging and fun.

SQUID App is a fast-­‐growing news media app targeting millennials in Europe. The company is growing its userbase with double digit numbers month on month. The App is available for free in the UK, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Austria and Australia with an International and Catalan version as well. You can also download the Squid App here!

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