Canadian producer 3XIT just released “Tribunal” as a free download and to be honest, I was really impressed. The track is a brilliant mix between deep house and downtempo with some slight techno influences. “Tribunal” starts slowly, with an ambiental pluck and some short uplifting pad interventions, completed by a steady and solid bass line. Once the groove kicks in, the energy of this tune will slowly take control, because after all this is a danceable tune. The track slowly builds even more energy and power with every second that you spend listening, just to stop completely once the first and only break appears. A delayed distorted guitar combined with warm but sad pads are creating an unique dreamy atmosphere and once the trancy main synth melody kicks in, 3XIT is taking the level of emotions and vibes to a whole new level, that you will get goose bumps. “Tribunal” is ending then with the second drop part, pretty much the same like the first one, in full force. Overall, this is really a good production which I highly recommend:

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