Just last week a good friend of Don Diablo sent him a demo by Swedish singer/songwriter, HILDA. Deeply moved by the tragedy of Avicii’s passing, HILDA spent the next day writing and composing the demo of “Wake Me When It’s Quiet”. When Don heard the demo, he was so moved that he agreed to do whatever he could to help HILDA bring the song to the world.

The dance music community has shown great unity in coming together to mourn the passing of Avicii. Whatever the genre, there has been a resolute acknowledgement that mental health issues and the pressures of stardom cannot go unchecked and that the loss of anyone so young is truly unjust. The community close to him have expressed their feelings in different ways, and for Don Diablo and songwriter/vocalist HILDA the answer was to let music be their outlet. The result is this wonderful record, all the profits of which will be donated to the Swedish charity, Tilia and other charities devoted to mental health issues. Listen the single below!

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