NEO NOIR and Story & Blue teamed up to deliver you a beautiful dance jewel !


NEO NOIR is an LA based Future Music collective based around producers Bradley Allan & Greg Ogan. Some notable credits between them include Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, Brandi, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and more. They formed NEO NOIR at the start of 2017 as a passion project to create music collaborations with talented singers that share their artistic vision. This enables them to experiment freely and push boundaries more so than when producing specifically for other artists. Their first song “When I Was Young (ft. Brooke Williams) broke a million streams and is currently at 1.5 million. They currently have 5 plus million streams on Spotify combined as of the start of 2018.

Story & Blue is an indie pop duo comprised of songwriters Tova Litvin and Tyler Shamy. 
The duo’s mutual credits include a number one spot on iTunes, several top 10 hits in Japan, a #1 JHiphop record, dozens of TV, commercial and film projects and songs written for both Marvel and Disney’s The Descendants. They formed Story & Blue in 2017 as a passion project so they could have an avenue to release real music with a purpose. In late 2017, Tova’s song Lottery went viral on youtube, and Tyler’s most recent release accumulated over 1 million streams in one month. They are both behind songs with millions of streams and their next release in summer 2018 is a feature with the band Telykast.

“Think Of You” was written when duos Neo Noir and Story & Blue came together in the studio last winter in Los Angeles and started talking about how one person can change everything in your life. It’s the (true) story of trying to escape yourself when you’re drowning in another person.

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