If you’re ready for an out-of-body experience, look no further than Antoine Delvig and SOVTH‘s “Gravity,” the newest track out from Protocol RecordingsNicky Romero‘s forward-thinking imprint is continuously releasing music that knows how to slay a dance floor, and “Gravity” delivers with a big, bouncing bassline that leads into a drop complemented by electrifying synths and a catchy vocal riff.

Antoine Delvig and SOVTH are two of Protocol‘s rising stars; Delvig performed at this year’s Miami Protocol label showcase and released tracks on AxtoneSTMPDMusical Freedom and more while SOVTH‘s recent “Boogie Monstah” was featured on the Protocol Miami Vibes EP. With their driving, energetic and innovative sounds, Delvig and SOVTH are only beginning what will surely be long and prosperous careers with the Protocol family. Keep an eye out for more music from these talented artists!