House music duo Rainer + Grimm teamed up with UK artist Plain English on their new single “Talk of the Town.” The collaboration delivers a unique pairing of vocals from the rapidly expanding grime movement with a drum and bass inspired dance floor beat. Rainer + Grimm wanted to pay homage to UK house and garage with “Talk of the Town,” which serves as a testament to their ability to create a variety of different genres while staying true to their own sound.

Along with the song, the artists have released a video that further evokes their inspiration and tribute to UK grime. “This video was done a lot more guerrilla style than any of our last videos but turned out to be our favourite to date,” says the duo. “With the vocals, the beat and the video all come together better than we could have ever imagined.” “Talk of the Town” is out on Rainer + Grimm‘s imprint Bleeding Hearts Club. You can listen it below!

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