Spanish bass duo Boxinlion have just the track for all the weekend warriors out there who are gearing up for their next debaucherous marathon; their newest release “City Don’t Sleep” is an appropriately-titled anthem that will keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. With smooth basslines and instrumental melodies that build to a funky drop, “City Don’t Sleep” is equal amounts melodic and heavy-hitting.

It’s a sound that Boxinlion has carefully crafted throughout their career, and one that’s proven incredibly popular amongst audiences – as evidenced by the duo’s massive streaming popularity on their YouTube (115.2M), Spotify (8.79M), and Soundcloud (7.98M) channels. “City Don’t Sleep” is out on Panda Funk, the Los Angeles based record label and cultural expedition whose roster also includes DeorroMichael SparksFESTIVILLAINZA Boy & A Girl and more promising avante-garde artists.