ES, Joonas Hahmo and JS16 teamed up to deliver you “The One” !


The One; a shameless slice of feel good electronica releases to a largely unsuspecting world through Enhanced Music and brings together a new EDM dream team in the form of JES, Joonas Hahmo and JS16.

The pitched up opening vocal hook tells you to expect the unexpected in the next 3 minutes. A super infectious bass riff drops with a pounding beat and song launches with a fierce energy. Boisterous synths and lively bass underpin JES’ heavily processed vocals in what is a sublime combination of cool electronic production and unabashed pop melodies. The song lifts with each new section reaching new heights until a vocoded bridge brings a moment of clarity to the emotional uproar before we are pulled back into the party for one final fling with the last chorus and lip syncing is mandatory. “The One” Turns the fun knob up to eleven, bringing together a contagious energy and a passionate vulnerability. Don’t think about it, just feel it. Enjoy ….