Super8 & Tab have proven time and time again that they’re leaders in the trance scene who are taking the sound into the future. The Finnish duo helped kick start the ‘Hybrid Trance’ revolution with their groundbreaking debut “Helsinki Scorchin’” in 2006 and ever since have continued to amaze with their music.

Right now, they’ve decided to release a brand new album, called “Reformation” and for this occasion, we’ve had the opportunity to have a little chat with them. You can check out our exclusive interview below!

1) Hello, guys! How have you been lately? How has the New Year treated you so far?

Thanks we have been great and forthcoming album has been keeping us busy too. 2018 has started great for us and is looking really exciting.

2) First of all, since this is the very first time we’re interviewing you, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves so that our readers could get to know you better?

Yes, so we are Dj and producer duo based in Helsinki Finland. We are releasing our music on Armin Van Buurens Armada label and we have been releasing music on Anjunabeats as well.
Music speaks better than 1000 words so I recommend checking out our Spotify which has most of our releases from past ten years.

3) We’ve seen that you just released a brand new album. Can you guys give us more details about your production? (You can grab your own copy of the album here)

Our 3rd studio album Reformation is going to be released 23rd February- We wanted to change our working habits and routines to fresh things up, to reform. That’s where the album title is coming from.

Music still has that recognisable Super8 & Tab sound, but is has evolved along the way. There is noticeable influences from our musical history in track like Pressure, Cosmo, True Love and others, but at the same time there is something new to them as well. If it needs to be labeled we’d like to call it Hybrid Trance. It’s definitely trance, but because of all the influences from other genres it is kind of hybrid too. We are music lovers so we can’t help getting influenced by all the good music out there.

Altogether Reformation has 13 tracks with four great vocal tracks and also you will find collaborations with Cosmic Gate and Tom Fall. Latest single cut from the album is out now and it’s called Super8 & Tab – True Love with Envy Monroe.

4) In your opinion, what was the hardest part in putting together this album?

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To be honest there was nothing hard at all. There’s nothing forced with it and it came out really easily. We have experienced much harder creative processes before, but with Reformation we wanted to have clear mind of all expectations, rules and noise in our heads and just let the creativity flow.

5) You’ve named it „Reformation”. What is the real meaning behind this title?

Partly explained already in previous answers, but before we even were thinking about the album we wanted to reform Super8 & Tab and way we work in this project. It started with a big one, changing record label. It’s was hard one for us on personal level as we had grown up as an artists with Anjunabeats and we considered these people as our friends. But we needed to clean up the desk and have a fresh start. So it was rough but necessary thing to do. Then we went changing smaller things like how we work in studio, write music, prepare our sets and so on. Goal in all of this was to break our learnt routines and habits and give change for new ideas and room for creativity. That’s why album is called Reformation.

6) Aside from your new album, what else do you have in store for the fans in the following months?

At the moment everything is tied around album really. There will be lot of singles taken out from the album and of course there will be album tour which is looking great. Apart from album we have remixes coming out for Andrew Rayel and Gabriel & Dressden during spring. So that’s lot of new music during next months.
And then there’s completely new music ready to be released once the album campaign is over.

7) We have one final question for you. If you were forced to listen to one band/DJ/musician for the rest of your lives, who would it be and why?

Andrew Bayer. His productions are usually so innovative that he probably could offer enough variation to keep it interesting for the rest of the life.

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