Two of dance music’s most promising rising stars, Matt and Eli, aka Two Friends have just released the youthful corresponding music video to their 2017 hit, ‘Just A Kid’. The video focuses on a young boy’s navigation of the mundane day-to-day tasks that come with being an adult.

Both hilarious and sweet, the humorously shot music video taps into the ever-prominent idea that you’re only a kid once. It brilliantly brings the track’s lyrics to life by depicting a young boy doing typical work day things such as shaving, writing a check, and updating data sheets at his office. The video directed by Justin Pagano toggles between shots of actor Jonathan Wilson singing along to the song in a playground and him going through the daily grind. Two Friends make an appearance at the end after sending the boy a text inviting him to their party where we see him comically drink juice out of a solo cup.