Euphoric. Inviting. Unforgettable. Andrew Rayel captures the longing of an adventurer in every exhilarating bar of his latest endeavor. With a little help from the lovely Lola Blanc, Rayel adds one more gripping trance anthem to his already impressive discography. Andrew Rayel’s “Horizon” (inHarmony Music) is out now.

The Original Mix of “Horizon” launches into Lola Blanc’s angelic vocal with zero hesitation, immediately creating an infectious air of wanderlust. Gently plucked synths follow soon after, illuminating each beckoning verse with the tranquil warmth of a setting sun. The lead melody finally makes its presence known and eclipses everything else that came before it. Andrew Rayel beautifully complements the song’s poignant lyrics with this crescendo of aural triumph, which fades away momentarily before returning with a vengeance at the track’s epoch-making drop. The Extended Mix extends a minute-and-a-half longer than the Original Mix, providing any DJ looking to utilize it as a mainstage weapon with more than enough room for liftoff and landing. “Horizon” sends a message loud and clear: Andrew Rayel is primed and ready to conquer what new trance terrain 2018 brings and he wants you to accompany him on the journey.