Snowx releases a fantastic tribal piece on The Groove Cartel


With anthemic grooves such as “Carnavalia,” “Cumbia,” and “Zabu” in collaboration with Vee Brondi, it’s easy to say that Snowx is a respected enthusiast of the groove and tribal genres. Now he’s ready to exercise his tastes in such music even more with his latest release called, “Bogota.”

Influenced by Snowx’s unique tribal rhythms and elements, “Bogota” already stands out as a great piece overall. But with the benevolent accompaniment of lively world vocals, playful drums, and an engaging accordion, the song truly proves itself to be a future classic — and with early support from the likes of Al Sharif, B Rather, and Mathias D., it seems like it has already started to take off.

“Bogota” is available now as a free download on The Groove Cartel.