Iconic Icelandic electronic band Gusgus, comprised of Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst, have just announced the forthcoming release of their tenth studio album ‘Lies Are More Flexible’ – out Feb 23rd via their label Oroom. To celebrate the announcement, Gusgus have released ‘Featherlight’, the first track on their forthcoming album, as a single EP comprised of four tracks.

Featherlight kicks off with an epic arpeggiated synthline, driven by a club ready 4/4 kick. Daníel’s vocals drift atop the soundscape, providing a soothing melody above the analog, machine-heavy instrumental below. Spiraling is the second track on the record, continuing the thematic focus of the EP with enveloping, broken-chord synths that break into a grooving relay of pulsing electronica, invoking a motion aptly described by the track title. Featherlight (BiggiVeira@ThePool.mix) strips back the original mix, focusing on a singular vocal refrain, increasing the tempo and delivering a trance-like pulsing bassline that works in perfect harmony with the synthwork. The instrumental version of Featherlight rounds off the EP.