Fresh off the back of his team up with Juicy M on the sultry ‘Polaroid’, HIDDN showcases his diversity in sound and production, this time working alongside fellow rising star RIVERO, who himself has releases on the likes of Sony, DOORN and Revealed, for the tougher, peak-time anthem ‘Shadow’. The coming together of two artists so proficient in musical design was only going to result in one thing, a bonafide anthem, and ‘Shadow’ doesn’t disappoint, as the best of both artists skills are clearly on show.

The ripping saw waves and tribal percussion, overseen by whirring sirens overhead, set the dark tone for the track from the get-go, before reverb-drenched pads and effects signal the first breakdown. A high-pitched gliding lead is introduced to build the tension, before snare rolls signal the impending drop. The beat is driving and intense, guaranteed to get ravers into a sweat on the dancefloor, before the pair’s expert production abilities are signified by a half-time dubstep switch. The main breakdown brings about the peak moment of the track, as a hands-in-the-air anthemic synth ensures the track progresses throughout.

You can check out the track below and grab your copy now!

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