Could “Arlanda” be the first release of 2018 for SIZE Records?


With beloved classics from numerous talents such as Corey James, CYA, Still Young, and Arias; Highly Sedated’s debut studio album; and even some heavenly material from the one and only Steve Angello himself, we reckon that 2017 was one of the most successful and momentous years in the history of SIZE Records.

Well, the fireworks don’t end there, because just when you least expect it, SIZE are back with yet another brilliant surprise for their fans — and a recent post on EDM People hints that something pretty big is ahead. According to the aforementioned community, Corey James will commence the dawn of this year, alongside the very gifted David Pietras, with the release of a long awaited ID called, “Arlanda.”

Sadly though, the post doesn’t divulge any details on the release date, except for the simple words of, “Out soon on SIZE Records.” However, you can stream the song here while you wait for it.