Enhance your deep house playlist with At Dawn brand new release !


At Dawn is a producer based in San Francisco, CA. He began making music in an effort to try and capture the feeling of an overcast morning with a fresh cup of coffee in hand. He enjoys washed out and atmospheric sounds over a driving beat and incorporates instruments into his music as a way to expand the sound and the meaning of the music. Nature, as well as the urban landscape, both play important roles in shaping his music direction. When not making tracks of the chiller variety, you can find him producing dancefloor oriented Progressive music as At Dusk.

He recently released his new deep and mellow track “Bare Essentials”. The track was influenced when he was wandering around San Francisco on a cold, foggy night and came across a series of old hotels on the edge of the city.
The groovy and thought provoking melody and lyrics combined with live-recorded
guitars create a sense of early morning/late night reflection. Check it out below:


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