Scorpio Music are proud to release the winner of their recent A&R contest, hosted by creative marketing platform WAVO. The winning act was AEXCIT, an electronic music duo from Nuremberg in Germany with backgrounds in bands and DJing who have previously won other remix competitions.

The winning track was the sumptuous Gravity, featuring the vocals of Mick Fousé, which now gets a full release via Scorpio. Filtered piano chords and sweet vocal cuts set the tone before Fousé’s passionate vocal cuts through. Warm bass joins in to support the chords and when the drop hits its a moment of pure, unbridled joy, the piano refrains unfolding over a snappy beat and the vocals reaching higher into soulful strainings. Unlike most tracks of the moment, they let the energy flow longer before we reach the next heavenly, guitar and string-laden break. Beautiful guitar licks also play us out in the outro after the second fist-pumping crescendo.

With a release on all Scorpio Music’s platforms and the right guidance from their A&R team, ‘Gravity’ spells big things for this emerging duo. With recent live gigs in Ibiza, it’s looking like 2018 is going to be the year of AEXCIT.

Grab your own copy here.