France’s biggest independent label Scorpio Music keeps the hit rolling into the final weeks of the year with this glorious new song from long-running producer A.M.T. Teaming up with rising vocalist Kinnie Lane, he has struck gold on the rousing Miracle.

Beautiful pianos play as Lane’s powerful vocals build, drenched in big reverbs. Bold synth refrains that recall classic ‘90s trance build as we prepare for the slamming beat to drop in, and when it does it’s a truly bombastic moment. Filtered vocal cut-ups enter in the next break, and the euphoric way the track keeps building towards its finale is truly spectacular.

A.M.T. has a long and illustrious career in music that includes official remix credits for Michael Jackson and international hits that have sold millions of copies. He remains one of France’s biggest musical success stories of recent times, and this amazing new single looks set to introduce him to a whole new audience. With millions of plays for his singles over the last few years, including Call Your Name, Life In Stereo and You Make Me, you can bet that Miracle is going to follow in their footsteps and prove another smash hit.

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