Romanian pop sensation INNA has been working with Latin music styles and artists for years now, with memorable collaborations like Cola Song with the now-world-famous J. Balvin in 2014 (174 million YouTube plays to date). With her new single Nirvana she continues her Latin journey with the sound that has crossed over in a big way in the past year.

The song cleverly switches between a chugging dance-pop beat and a sexy catchy reggaeton rhythm, with seductive Spanish vocals woven into the mix. INNA’s vocals are as infectious as ever, making for another surefire hit whose mesmerising video picked up over 4 million plays in its first few days. As always, her inimitable sense of style shines through in the video, with some amazing outfits on display as she weaves through lasers and smoke.

Hugely popular across the world, INNA’s videos have had over 2 billion plays on YouTube, making her one of the most popular artists on the platform. This stunning new single is the title track from her upcoming album, to be released on December 11 — which is sure to make her name bigger than ever. Watch her go stratospheric in 2018.