Recently, GQ revealed its list of the Best Dressed and the Worst Dressed Men for 2018. On the Best Dressed list, Matt Smith takes the top position and he is followed by A$AP Rocky, Jeff Goldblum, Harry Styles, Andrew Garfield and more. On the other hand, on the Worst Dressed List, the number one spot is occupied by Kit Harington. Marshmello has also been featured on this list, being present at no. 8. You can check out both tops below!

GQ Worst Dressed Men 2018

1. Kit Harington
2. Paul Merton
3. Shmee150
4. Jacob Rees-Mogg
5. Morrissey
6. PewDiePie
7. Louis Theroux
8. Marshmello
9. Elon Musk
10. Joe Wicks

GQ Best Dressed Men 2018

1. Matt Smith
2. A$AP Rocky
3. Jeff Goldblum
4. Harry Styles
5. Andrew Garfield
6. Skepta
7. Riz Ahmed
8. Ryan Reynolds
9. Brooklyn Beckham
10. Alessandro Michele