Nitti Gritti is about to unleash his “C’est La Vie” EP on the electronic music world, and you can bet that it’s filled with only the dirtiest trap beats as well as vocal performances by Nitti himself. Always seeking innovative ways to up his music game, Nitti Grittii created “C’est La Vie” by doing all of the vocals, songwriting, producing, mixing and mastering himself.

The EP opens with “Blame On Me,” a track full of devil-may-care attitude and reverberating basslines that makes it the perfect track for a Friday night out. Nitti Gritti‘s synthesized voice meticulously delivers line after line of irreverent lyrics, such as “I make all of this music for myself now, I’m just used to makin’ everybody elses,” a signal to his audience that he’s fully come into his own.

Blame On Me” is the first of three tracks on the “C’est la Vie” EP, which carries the theme of electronic-rap fusion. Stay tuned for the next tracks dropping on November 29th and December 6th!