Canadian producer J-Hamz teamed up with Jesse Peters to release “I Stack Up” on Digital Empire VIP, a track that reached number 3 on the Beatport electro house chart. What followed was a massive remix contest for the original track, giving the chance to all upcoming producers to showcase their production skills. The result? Well, so far there are five great remixes, from bass house and progressive house to big room and melbourne bounce. Artists like Ready or Not, SStretch, Xandie, EzKill and N.A.T. had another chance to get signed and released, being the living proof that if you have talent, ambition and determination, as a young musician you can reach the stars one day.

Overall, this is a very good EP, but personally I can’t get enough of Ready Or Not’s remix, which sounds the dirtiest and meanest from them all (hey, I’m a bass house lover)! Kudos to J-Hamz for giving the chance to smaller producers to remix his work and congrats to all the winners of this remix contest.

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