With hit collaboration ‘Take Her Place’ ft. A R I Z O N A already racking up over 5 million streams on Spotify alone just over 3 weeks on from its release, Don Diablo has now unveiled the sublime accompanying official music video.

The lyric video, which dropped earlier this month and has already amassed over 1.3 million streams on YouTube, followed a dog as she made her way through the forest to a house and car. Picking up where the lyric video left off, we discover the dog has come home to Don – a car mechanic working on his extremely rare DeLorean.

With the husky Don’s constant companion and assistant, the video explores the theme of man’s best friend, demonstrating the unconditional love and bond between a dog and his ‘owner’ and the sense of grief and loss when they pass. A stunning piece of cinematography, in just 3 minutes the video sees Don go through the process of losing his treasured companion, being presented with a new one and coming to the realization that whilst no one can replace a loved one, you can learn to find a place for and accept new friends in your life.

Check out the music video below!