Australian outfit Bad Decisions’ hard-hitting dance-fuelled take on pop music is some of the most exciting stuff around right now, and Martin Garrix’s forward-thinking STMPD RCRDS makes the perfect home for their vibrant sound. After their last single Skins, this new effort Chills is destined for big things.

Dulect piano playing sparks the track into life, its delicate feel soon smashed into pieces by sustained, resonant sub bass and punchy kick drums that provide a solid backbone for the infectious vocals, it is for the very first time that the duo’s own vocals can be heard on one of their tracks. Reversed sounds, percussive fills and swathes of reverb create a spacious feel as we had towards the chorus. The laidback feel of the vocal belies what’s about to come: a bass-heavy drop, propelled by skittering percussion and a guttural low-end synth. A stripped-back approach mid-way through gives the track room to breathe before we pick back up into the rousing chorus and heavy drop. It’s a perfect pop track with plenty of dancefloor influence.

Bad Decisions recently completed an acclaimed 10-date US tour, while back in their native Australia the country’s biggest radio station, Triple J, gave Skins plays on a daily basis. With many more millions of plays and views to their name — including for their viral video where they remixed the sounds of a train in impressive fashion — their fanbase is huge and rapidly growing.

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