Yesterday, GQ unveiled its list of “The Man Of Today”, that includes 30 men who are “multi-faceted individuals unafraid to express themselves through their talents; they’re trailblazers whose actions and impact on society have challenged and broadened the very nature of masculinity.”

The list features a variety of musicians, politicians, athletes, actors and more. Among names such as Chris Hemsworth, Justin Trudeau, Roger Federer, John Legend, David Beckham and more, one artist that has been included in the list is our very own Martin Garrix. Here is what GQ had to say about the young producer:

Driven by a passion for music, rather than the financial rewards that his career brings him, this Dutch wunderkind originally established himself as one of the most ambitious DJs in the world when he set-up his own record label at just the age of 20.

If you want to see the rest of the list, then go here!