If horror movies, haunted houses and a good scare are your idea of a good time, look no further than trap dynamo Rell the Soundbender‘s new track “Diablo House” to satisfy your creepy fix. Just in time for Halloween, “Diablo House” has a distinctly sinister ethos, featuring ominous drums, stabbing laser synths and even a vocal sampling of a woman’s bloodcurdling scream as the finishing touch. Rell teamed up with future and g-house duo B!tch Be Cool for “Diablo House.” Whether for a Halloween party or getting jacked up in the gym, Rell the Soundbender has you covered with this one.

Rell the Soundbender‘s new EP, “Diablo,” which features “Diablo House” and more original tracks, comes out on November 10th. Both the track and EP are released on Insomniac Records, the world-renowned brand behind Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) by dance music mogul Pasquale Rotella.