Brooks isn’t new to STMPD RCRDS, his first release on the label was his collaboration with Martin Garrix on Byte”. His new collaboration with GRX on Boomerang” proves yet again that he’s one to watch closely.

A track of epic proportions, Boomerang” begins unassumingly with a haunting combination of brooding, filtered bass tones and mystical plucked melodies. Vocal synths soon double-down on the melody as a snappy beat propels the track into life over driving bass rhythms. Chunky snare builds fire us further upwards until a juicy, slick monster of a riff thrusts into the foreground. It’s got a little electro house flavor to it, with grooving percussion and lots of infectious twists and turns keeping it high-energy. Cinematic production values abound, making this one that’s sure to destroy any big room, arena or festival it’s played in. Check out the track below!