Alex Preston has had an amazing career so far! Until now, he’s dropped some formidable tunes, which have gathered the support of many dance music superstars, plus he’s been impressing fans with his amazing performances. Recently, he released a great track called “Chase The Rain” and for this occasion, we asked him if he could put together a list of the tracks that are his favorites right now!

Well, below you can check out what Alex Preston has called “‘What I Listen To Before A Gig’! Let us know which tracks are also on your liking!

  1. “The Renegade”The Friend Within

2)  On The Corner” – Solardo

3) House & Pressure”Route 94

4) Can’t Lie” Low Steppa 

5) Cola” – Camelphat & Elderbrook 

6) Must Be The Reason”DJ SKT 

7) Strategem”Josh Butler  

8) “All Cried Out”Blonde

9) Make You Mine”NVOY 

10) Right Thing”Dennis Ferrer