Blasterjaxx flip the script once again with their glorious new single Bizarre, featuring the vocal talents of Danish artist UHRE. If you think you know what to expect from the ‘jaxx, think again.

Haunting, folky flute melodies weave around bright xylophone-style chords in the intro, with UHRE’s luscious voice cutting through the track satisfyingly. The slo-mo beat takes it up a notch in the succinct build-up, as a massive synth hook blasts into life over the thundering kicks. This refreshing sound from the Blasterjaxx boys is definitely spacious, with plenty of room for each element of the track to breathe.

The vocal hooks are infectious, the lead riff irresistible, and the production super-crispy. Clever filtering and auto-tune effects give the vocal some variety, and the overall feel is that of a serious crossover smash with big room appeal. Make sure to check out below this brand new release from Blasterjaxx and stay tuned for the release (which will be in a few hours), to grab your own copy of the track!

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