If you’re itching for a truly massive track that will push your boundaries on the dance floor and beyond, look no further than Buku‘s new release, “Control.” Sounding like part alien invasion and part man-eating machine, “Control” dominates the senses with sinister basslines and laser-inspired effects. Buku is quite the dynamic maestro, and “Control” is definitely one of his darkest releases to date. Oddly enough, the track wasn’t inspired by anything particularly malevolent.

I actually was doing yard work one day, and the idea for the main drop popped into my headI ran inside and wrote down a few notes, and it was the first time I’ve ever adhered 100% to the pre-production plan.” – Buku

Whatever the inspiration was, the release comes at the perfect time for the new club season as the summer festivals finish out their run for the year. One thing is for certain-“Control” will be making crowds lose their minds on dance floors around the globe, so snag this free download immediately.