Oliver Heldens returns this month with a massive track that’s destined for big radio play and is yet another departure for him musically. With this new release, he continues to be one of the most undefinable, un-pigeonhole-able producers of his generation.

What The Funk sees Heldens explore even more musical territory with a fresh new sound that blends pop, disco and house and combines the ‘70s with the ‘90s and the cutting-edge in seamless fashion. Instantly infectious with its cute flutes, summery guitar licks and sassy shaker rhythms, the track really pops when the soulful vocal cuts in. The euphoria builds gradually in this feel-good tracks, with layers of disco guitars building until we hit the fist-pumping chorus. Sweet synth refrains build the energy higher as the hedonistic chorus plays out. An emotional final break sees a final section of the vocal unfold over big piano chords before we’re back in the spine-tingling chorus.

The track was premiered in a mobile game called BeatFever, continuing Heldens’ strong relationship with the video game world (he has his own channel on Twitch, for instance). The video for the track will be a user-generated piece featuring submissions sent in from his fans on social media. Look out for it soon! Meanwhile, make sure to check out the full track below!