Future Magic is not an unknown name for you, dear readers. His music was highlighted by our website for a while now, but I will tell you one thing that I’m 100% sure about: this new release with Kass called “Bury Me” is by far his best release to date! Not only because of the amazing vocals from Kass, but also because of the complexity and beauty of the future bass instrumental. This is once again the living proof, that when you have huge vocal line to work with and the perfect instrumental, the final result is huge! This is what Future Magic said about this great collaboration between him and Kass:

 I had the instrumental pretty much finished when I got in contact with her, and since I didn’t have any specific motifs I wanted in the track, I told her to write whatever the music evoked in her.

What did she think the track was trying to say?

No less than 3 days later she sent me back what would eventually become “Bury Me”, and I can say that this is my personal FAVORITE track to date that I’ve done with her.


I will now let the music speak for itself, so go and check out “Bury Me” below:

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