Let’s travel with Mr. Cosmos beyond any genre boundaries !


Dallas based producer Mr. Cosmos just released an unique and very interesting remix for “Relax” by Rezz. Why unique? Well, because this remix is a mix of genres and feelings, showing that Mr. Cosmos has no problem in testing new ideas and going very far away from any genre boundaries. His version of “Relax” starts with a dark and aggressive psy trance drop, just to be followed by dubstep part, also mean and raw, but yet somehow because of the ,,relax” vocal sample and of the background arpeggio , it makes you really dreamy and relaxed, in a dark and cold place of your mind. I said it many times, when a track manages to actually takes you there, to absorb you, it’s mission accomplished from the producer. Kudos for your ideas Mr. Cosmos ! Listen below this strange but beautiful track and grab your free copy: