Wez is a fast-rising Artist/Producer/DJ specializing in UK Dance. He fuses all forms of dance music and creates future club anthems with catchy choruses. Wez has killed stages and sets all over the country. His live shows can be compared to the likes of Major Lazer/ Diplo and his DJ sets are reminiscent of the Martinez Brothers with his own unique twist. He’s just dropped a great track called “Touch You There” on Island Records, which you can listen here and now, the music producer has decided to put together for us a playlist of some of the tracks he’s currently digging! Check it out below!

  1. J Balvin – “Mi Gente”  

The tune is cold! It’s my favorite track at the moment. Really like the energy. This is paving the way for the current sound in a league of its own.

2) Sammy Porter – “A Bit Patchy” 

It’s crazy.. it’s got that Fresh Prince of Bel Air sample. “Jeeze”

3) Amine Edge And Dance – “Good Time” 

I love the sample in it, really love it!

4) Disciples – “On my mind”

I like the repetion its classy, it has an old sound which hooks you in, but yet it has a new school twist.

5) James Hype – “More than friends”

I like that he has put the work in, I’ve seen it. It makes me realize that if you put the work in, it pays off. The RnB sample brings it to life.

6) Martinez Brothers – “H 2 Da Izzo”

Its a classic! I first heard it in a Grimey house rave in Ibiza. Was amazing.

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7) Robin S – “Show me love”

This track paved the way for house, it was the blue print of the sound. Vocal is legendary.

8) Prodigy – “Fire Starter”

Just makes me wanna jump off a building in a good way! It mirrors my energy so I feel this track any day of the week.

9) Fastlane – “Into you” 

This is my baby……Turning one of my favourite tunes into house and giving it a Fastlane twist.

10) Maya Jane Coles – What They Say

It is the biggest tune of all time! This song made me fall in love with commercial house. I was in Aiya Napa when I first heard it…… Its just a classic.