Born, bred and based in Chicago, Saladin (pronounced Sah-lay-din) has been in the music industry for 20 years. He began his musical journey in his teens as a pop lyricist/vocalist but soon moved behind the decks to a production role.

“Producing intrigued me because I saw the power of creation behind it and it saved me from having to hire producers to write music for me.”

In 2012, Saladin shifted his role again to that of DJ/producer – with the release of “I Want To Jack” on his own label, Phunk Junk Records – and began the most prodigious phase of his career.

As a token of appreciation for his fans, SALADIN just released a few days ago an amazing tropical house tune called “You are my everything”. This tune really reminds me of Kygo’s approach, because of its warmness, melody and complexity. This track was definitely released to warm up your souls, but also to make you slowly dance on a sunny beach. Grab your free copy below:

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