AJ Salvatore and Fluencee team up to deliver “Better”, an indie pop hit with a heart-warming chorus. You can expect to be enthralled in the lighthearted atmosphere the two create, while getting lost in Bri Tolani’s talented and captivating vocals. With production that perfectly compliments her singing and a drop that encompasses a nostalgic feel, “Better” is sure to be an end-of-the-summer success.

“It took a couple tries to find the right vocalist, but between all of us the chemistry was perfect. I accidentally stumbled across the instrumental of this track when Fluencee sent it to a friend that was the original vocalist. I fell in love instantly and wrote the lyrics over night after recording the acoustic guitar”, says AJ.

If Fluencee’s chords and Bri’s voice don’t resonate with you, then the creative lyric video AJ directed is sure to have you watching on repeat!

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