Having already taken over Ibiza earlier this summer, making a ‘spectacular debut’, with an exclusive eight-week residency at Privilege, while preserving the ‘raw underground vibe of the venue’ , RESISTANCE, Ultra Worldwide’s ever-growing house and techno arm, announces monumental plans for this fall.

Eleven different countries will host RESISTANCE over the coming 60 days, with events set to run in ShanghaiMedellínMexico City, Rosario, Córdoba and the United Kingdom for the very first time, while Tokyo, Buenos AiresBaliRio de JaneiroAsunción and Lima all prepare to welcome back the behemoth concept with some countries even preparing to host multiple shows. For full details, go here!

RESISTANCE Ibiza will also continue its hugely successful run at Privilege every Tuesday until September 12. The Resistance Ibiza 2017 Official Film is available to watch now, produced by Final Kid. Transporting the viewer into the ‘alternate dimension’ present at the club and vividly displaying the ‘second-to-none’ production and jubilant atmosphere, Final Kid’s movie is a triumphant celebration of this monumental residency.