The latest from Spinnin’ Records comes from a country that knows how to party. Vintage Culture and RICCI, two of Brazil‘s top talents, have collaborated on the unique track “Later,” and it’s as hot as a summer afternoon in Rio. Heavy on electro synths, warbling basslines and sultry vocals, “Later” conjures images of dark, smoky clubs and strobe lights flashing over dancing bodies, a connection with an attractive stranger and the hedonism that follows.

RICCI wrote the lyrics and top line melody for the track, even recording the “whistle” sampling in the track on his phone. Spinnin’ Records has been growing their portfolio of international rising talent, and Vintage Culture and RICCI stand out as some of the most promising. If you need to gear up for a night out this summer, look no further than “Later.” Listen the track below and grab a copy here!

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