Since his meteoric rise, Hot Since 82 has always felt the need to push the boundaries of the electronic music scene. From kidnapping fans and immersive events to brand conceptualization and how we consume music Daley has always pushed himself and his followers that little bit further.

The Yorkshireman’s new touring concept is no different. Even Deeper sees him get under the skin of each chosen country, playing more intimate venues in less well-trodden cities and giving him more time and breathing space to experience the culture and climate of the area. ‘Slow touring’, if you want to put it in the phrasing of our times.

Each venture is captured on film to create a stunning short-form documentary for his fans to enjoy and to get a real sense of what he experienced. He now presents the first such film, shot during his February / March 2017 tour of Mexico. From making his own tortillas with local chefs to swimming in cenotes, playing spontaneously organised rooftop parties and taking in his tour stops via bicycle, the beautifully show film captures a more vibrant sense of what being a touring DJ can be like if you choose not to hurry things. Check out the video below!