Acclaimed Brooklyn-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and live performer JNTHN STEIN drops his latest single ‘Master Control’, featuring North London rapper and past collaborator, BXRBER. An irresistibly funky and soulful track, ‘Master Control’ is the third and last addition to his ‘Everything is a Drug’ EP, out now on etcetc Music.

From the off, ‘Master Control’ is an animated, funk-fuelled departure from the other tracks on the EP. The energetic vibe is immediately established by the dynamic and vibrant distorted guitar underlay, which is interrupted by brief, penetrating snippets of rock-infused melody. The deep, steady kick-drum beat adds to the groove and readies the listener for BXRBER’s seamless and suave, jazzy vocals.

‘Master Control’ proves STEIN’s masterful fusion of different styles of music; an alumnus of both Berklee Jazz School and the Manhattan School of Music, he has an obvious understanding and appreciation of the tenets of harmony, melody and timbre. Now an ambassador for Ableton’s Push 2 Controller, STEIN applies his knowledge of classical and jazz to the experimental side of electronic composition. It’s this unique, thoughtful approach to music making that undoubtedly makes him one of the most exciting members of the Team Supreme collective. With continued support from Beats 1 Radio, BBC Radio 1 and Spotify’s New Music Friday, 2017 is set to be a break-out year for this extraordinary talent. Listen “Master Control” below and grab your own copy here!

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