Continuing to keep their superfans—or to give them their correct name, the Blaster Soldiers, Blasterjaxx unleash a double-helping of music for free this month in the form of their new Blaster Booster Pack. Consisting of two hot new tracks, it’s another ‘thank you’ for the support they’ve been shown.

Malefic wastes no time in getting down to business, with frenzied synth bleeps ascending into the heavens above chugging bass as we head into the first break. A haunting melody plays out as we’re teased with the anthemic elements to come, with big trancey chords the next to join the fray. The drop unleashes throbbing on-beat bass and a potent lead riff that immediately puts you in the middle of a stadium-sized crowd. Militant, muscular dancefloor music as we’ve come to expect from this duo.

IHNI is a deeper and more intricate beast. Kicking off with a bouncing off-beat bassline and old skool leads, it soon picks up through military snare rolls and throws us headfirst into a wall of sound that only Blasterjaxx can create. Insistant stabs and pitch drops play over phat bass, and the monstrous build suggests we’re going to drop into something seriously intense; but instead we’re lead to a more minimal approach of clipped melodies and grinding monotone bass. This contrast between the intense breakdowns and the more hypnotic main sections creates an undeniable tension.

The pack will be available as a free download for two weeks via their social media channels and available to stream via Spotify, and thereafter will be available to buy everywhere. Thom and Idir are also asking fans to send in pictures of themselves with either or both of the duo to use in teaser videos for the two tracks. The photos will be published in the Blaster Soldiers album on Blasterjaxx’ Facebook. So get sending!


Check Blasterjaxx on tour over the next two months:

July 14 – Zouk, Singapore
July 15 – Skygarden, Indonesia
July 8 – RFM Somnii Festival, Portugal
July 21 – Tomorrowland, Belgium (Super You & Me Stage)
July 29 – Unite, Lebanon
August 4 – Temple, San Francisco, USA
August 5 – Exchange, Los Angeles, USA
August 8 – Tru Paradise, Mykonos, Greece
August 12 – Dance Valley, Netherlands
August 26 – Pacha, Malta