Recently, while doing an interview with Westword, Lorin Ahston, who is better known as Bassnectar in the electronic music world revealed his thoughts about EDM, about DJing and his Freestyle sessions. At one point during the interview, the producer states that he feels a huge disinterest in EDM right now.

“Well, to be clear, I 100 percent don’t feel like I’m any part of EDM anymore than I’m part of hip-hop or rock and roll. […] I feel EXTREMELY — and you can put that in all caps — disinterested in EDM.  […] I think there’s a lot of good, inventive minds, but I don’t think they’re EDM. And I think EDM is something I just don’t know anything about. But it looks really silly to me.”

Later on, he also takes the time to speak about the concept of a watching 1-3 DJs on stage rocking out in front of a crowd:

“When I was growing up, I didn’t care who the DJ was or where they were. I didn’t care. And now, it’s such a preposterous parody of itself: some goon — myself included — on a stage. It’s so preposterous to me. No offense to anyone. I’m friends with a lot of DJs. I’m not saying this rudely to talk shit on anyone, but I truly feel so unimpressed by the concept of standing in a crowd and looking and one or two or three humans on stage dancing alone to music.”

The interview is definitely worth a read, so make sure to head on over here and check it out!