Well that’s an interesting but also morbid idea “Rave to the grave”, especially considering the fact that sadly there’s no festival without any poor souls lost due to OD or other unfortunate events. Yeah I get the producer’s message, to rave like maniacs, but these days, with so many online haters out there, you should be careful how you name your song. Just sayin’!

Now, if I have to review this new tune by DJ Kash, I must say that despite the title (which I personally don’t like, but hey, it’s a matter of personal taste), the track sounds decent. J.Rae’s vocals are giving the tune a warm and gentle touch, while the main leads break theme, are sending this tune straight to the mainstage area. The mixdown and mastering is on point while the structure is pretty standard for a big room tune. The way I see it, this tune could be improved a lot, on the break and also drop, because right now, it sounds too simple and straightforward, which might become a bit boring. The energy from the drop, could also be increased, especially on the second part. Good tune, but with more attention it could be great! Listen it below and support the artist by downloading your Beatport copy:

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