Double the trouble with these two DJ duo’s teaming up for a stellar and fresh release. Krosses and HEART FX have created a silky smooth track called ‘Waterfall’ which is completed with vocals by the talented singer/songwriter trinity Trouze. ‘Waterfall’ has just been released on Mixmash Records and is already on the radar by industry’s tastemakers like Laidback Luke and many others.

“Waterfall” is one of those tracks that is not only extremely well produced and mixed but also boosts a sound that brings something new to the scene. May it be the combination of musical influences coming from all over the world or just their creative visions, Krosses, HEART FX and Trouze have combined all this in an original production that will appeal to music lovers on many different levels.

You can listen the full track below and grab a copy here!

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