The 2017 edition of EDC Las Vegas is now officially behind us. Even though attendees were able to witness some great performances across the weekend, not everything went so smoothly during the event’s three days. Now, the official number of incidents and crime reports for the festival has been unveiled and it’s not small. Sadly, during this year’s event there was a death. A 34-year-old man was pronounced dead at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday morning. Even though the cause of death has not been unveiled yet, it is believed that he passed away due to heat-related issues.

Aside from this, it looks like over the three days, medical aid received over 1000 emergency calls, with 15 attendees and one employee being transported to the hospital. Police also stated that during the festival, there were about 95 felony arrests, most of them being for drug offenses. Approximately 282 people were ejected from the festival across the weekend.

All in all, the festival was attended by approximately 400,000 people this year!

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