Blasterjaxx’s prolific studio output knows no bounds, and now just a couple of months after releasing their first feature-length EP XX Files [Festival Edition]”, they delight their fans with a second 7-track volume: XX Files [Festival Edition]”.

We jump into life with the call-to-arms that is 070″, all militant riffs, bubbling bass and hip-shaking percussion. Do Or Die” is the collection’s main vocal track, with Lara providing a haunting delivering vocal that leads to a gruff bass and riff combo that morphs its rhythm from one phrase to the next. Fans will already be familiar with recent monstrous single Savage”, which has 700,000 YouTube and SoundCloud plays to its name already. Seth” opts for pitch-bending mystical riffs that have an almost Middle Eastern twang to them, pairing them to tribal rhythms and one of the EP’s most epic breakdowns.

“Thunderdrums” does exactly what the name suggests, with pounding rhythms hammering away under frenzied monotone synths and pumping horns. Voodoo” is one of the toughest cuts on the collection, manic detuned synths warping your brain atop chattering percussion and spooky melodies in the breakdowns. Charge” goes harder still for the EP’s finale, with sumptuous strings, pulsing chord blasts and a slo-mo build that delivers in seriously fierce style. The mean gated riff after the drop is absolutely fierce!

It’s a truly tremendous collection of weapons-grade tracks built to rock big rooms, festivals and stadia the world over—as well, of course, as your very own stereo! You’re warned to listen with caution, though; Blasterjaxx cannot be held accountable for unexpected bouts of stomping and bass faces in inappropriate scenarios when listening to this EP. Listen it below and grab your copy here!

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