Watch the new official video of “Neiloj” by Purple Haze!


Right from the start, we get to walk in the shoes of our protagonist that finds himself dwelling through a dark and mystic forest while seeing this angel like figure that seems to appear before him in a vision. Surrounded by and radiating with light she captures your attention, and you can’t help but follow her while she shows you the way. While on this hypnotizing journey we finally come to meet her in a very climatic build up, both musically and visually, where we come from a dark place that leads up to this moment where she reaches out, waiting for you to take her hand…

This beautiful love oath is a strong message right from the heart of Sander van Doorn to his lovely wife Marjolein. Figuratively, it shows us how she guided Sander, helping him to find a way to reinvent himself through his music, which eventually led to the birth of his alter ego Purple Haze.

Both the visual and musical journey presented to us in the form of the new video clip of Neiloj by Purple Haze gives us a truthful insight into the life of this incredible artist. It shows us the beginning of an exciting period that is upon us and promises a bright future filled with amazing music.

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