Better known as a very talented female DJ/Producer, last week AIZY has reached another milestone with the release of her very first EP. It’s an EP that completes the buzz around this 21 year old Dutchie, featuring bass heavy rhythms and striking piano chords.

DJ AIZY, has been successfully establishing herself within the electronic music circuit. Having played at major venues in Ibiza, Miami, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, AIZY has accumulated a strong following throughout her career. Now, as a follow-up to her debut track called “Your Mind” on Tommie Sunshine’s label Brooklyn Fire and a remarkable collaboration with ACEAXE titled ‘Beat Rockin’, the youngster drops her first “LION EP.”

If you’re ready to hit the dance floor like a maniac, this is exactly what you need. Consisting of ‘Start The Party’ and ‘Lion’, this EP from AIZY will take you on a ride that puts shame to every clubbing experience you’ve had so far. Banging in twofold, this is Musical Madness at its finest. Listen the EP below and grab a copy here!

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