We’re sure that all of you who are now reading this have downloaded an mp3 file more than one time in the span of your life. However, we’ve just been hit with some sad news, seeing as the creators of the audio format have now decided to terminate it. The format was created by The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, who have recently revealed that they have terminated the licensing program for the format.

They’ve also released a statement on the matter, saying the following:

“Although there are more efficient audio codecs with advanced features available today, mp3 is still very popular amongst consumers. However, most state-of-the-art media services such as streaming or TV and radio broadcasting use modern ISO-MPEG codecs such as the AAC family or in the future MPEG-H. Those can deliver more features and a higher audio quality at much lower bitrates compared to mp3.”

R.I.P to MP3!