Blasterjaxx tease XX Files festival edition with hot single “Savage”!


After the stupendous XX Files collection blew our minds earlier this year with its potent mix of vocal anthems and dance floor bangers, Blasterjaxx return with a second volume to delight their fans with: XX Files – Festival Edition. The first taste of this upcoming collection of big room tracks comes in the form of this new bomb called Savage.

Taut synth plucks are layered with low end grunts before blossoming into a rushy cascade of reverbed melody as an epic percussive build rockets the track into overdrive. A seductive French female spoken vocal signals the drop, where a frenzied, distorted hook plays out over tough percussive hits and rasping bass tones.

On-beat claps and tribal thuds add another level of intensity before the main breakdown, where the intro melody unfolds into something even more mesmerizing through a stack of irresistible synth sounds. Queue an even bigger build and a drop that hits like a sledgehammer.

This is the sound of Blasterjaxx doing what they do best. The track was given a serious road test on Kingsday in Holland, where Thom played three gigs in one day with a little help from their very stylish helicopter.

Grab your own copy here.

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